CtrlPrint is Europe’s leading collaborative service used for the production of designed corporate and financial reports created with Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. Our customers include over 650 companies, government authorities and organisations.

The story behind CtrlPrint

The idea behind CtrlPrint was hatched at an advertising agency in Stockholm in the late 1990s. The work of producing a designed annual report for a newly listed customer was far more demanding than anyone had anticipated. Neither the customer nor the agency had previously produced a formatted annual report, and they didn’t understand the difference between that type of publication and more common marketing communication. Lots of big and small changes and demands for quick proofing and new PDF versions sucked the power of the agency’s staff and although the final product was successful and the customer was satisfied, it was not a successful project as a whole.

One part of the agency focused on web development, and they started to think about how web technology could build a solution that addressed the challenges of the current way of working. InDesign was released in 1999, and since then the surrounding developments have been based on the tool and its text editor InCopy. The work on developing a secure and user-friendly platform for collaboration on important documents with many content owners and reviewers is constantly ongoing. Among other things, CtrlPrint is an Adobe Solution Partner.

Today, CtrlPrint has over 650 customers across four continents and continues to grow thanks to its highly dedicated team of staff. The company is owned by the investment company Pamir alongside members of the management team.

CtrlPrint UK

Ann Marie Fagan

UK Manager

Luke Newton

Business Developer UK

Azhar Zaman

Regional Manager UK

Panos Melas

Business Developer UK

CtrlPrint Sweden

Elias Carlved

Account Manager Sweden

Karl Magnus Westerberg

Nordic Sales Manager

Micaela Abreu

Account Manager Sweden

CtrlPrint Finland

Kaisa Heikka

Business Developer Finland

Sanna Laakso

Business Developer Finland

CtrlPrint France

Camille Dauvergne

Business Developer France

Stephan Martin

Business Developer France