Flexibility, security and transparency

CtrlPrint’s primary aim has always been to make the production of designed annual reports more efficient and more flexible. From the beginning, we have worked to increase the flexibility, security and transparency of annual reporting projects. Together with our customers, we have developed solutions for the challenges that arise in complex Adobe InDesign/InCopy projects with many different participants and stakeholders.


Why should we use CtrlPrint?

CtrlPrint helps you save time and get better control over your projects.You can change text and tables yourself in the designed document in a simple tool, and you do not have to spend time sending proof copies back and forth.You edit using a professional text editor similar to Word – Adobe InCopy – but with our system you will have a clear view of what the final layout will look like.

What is included and how much does it cost?

You can buy access to CtrlPrint for each document (for example, the annual report), or we can sign a more comprehensive agreement (for annual reports and interim reports is the most common). The pricing model is based on the number of internal users working at the company of the person publishing the report, as well as the scope of the documents. We don’t charge any start-up fees and there are no hidden fees. There is free access to the support team by email or phone. Please contact us for a quote. Consultants can use CtrlPrint and our support free of charge.

How do we get started?

Contact one of our account managers so they can create an account for you.

You appoint an internal administrator who will be our main contact person. You also tell us which agency/designer you will work with.

You will receive instructions on how to install Adobe InCopy and our components for all users who will edit. We can manage the contact with IT if you wish.

We schedule a short training for all users.

Your agency/designer prepares the documents and you decide together when the documents will be available in CtrlPrint.

Once the documents have been uploaded to CtrlPrint and you have the necessary rights and installations, you can start working!

Your documents are in good hands

Our customers trust us with some of their most important documents. Because of this, information security is something we prioritise very highly and that permeates everything we do.