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Interface overview

Create a new version with InCopy


How to download the whole report as a pdf


How to use Track Changes and see changes between versions


Administrating CtrlPrint

Setting up a new report in CtrlPrint (chapters, users, permissions)


Set your default settings for the tagger function


CtrlPrint for Designers

Splitting up document and upload

Change InDesign version


CtrlPrint ESEF reporting

Enabling tagging

Launching XBRL tagger

Interface overview


Set your default settings 


Define tables before tagging

Auto tagging


Mapping 1 – Get started (including references)

Mapping 2 – Duplicate mapping error and how to get rid of it

Mapping 3 – Extensions and anchoring (including references)

Table Cell Properties

Creating extensions

Exporting mapping report

Mapping report review

Choosing tags

Wider narrower anchoring


Changes in equity

Changes in equity add member


Calculate in changes in equity

Changing taxonomy language


How to use the validation function

Creating ESEF report


Installation and Troubleshooting

How to update CtrlPrint Transfer Manager

Find a locally saved version (locate temp folder Windows)

Locate the temp folder from the Windows explorer