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Getting the UK Prepared for ESEF

The Road to ESEF – Over the Finish Line

From the contents:

  • Implementing ESEF – Olive Browne, ESEF Specialist, PwC
  • Digital reporting for UK issuers – Thomas Toomse-Smith, Head of Innovation and Digital, FRC & Jennifer Guest, Project Director, FRC
  • Challenges and solutions – insights from 170 preparers of ESEF – Karl Magnus Westerberg, Product and Marketing, CtrlPrint
  • How to find and use example reports – the Amana XBRL Dashboard – Janis Steinmann, Lead Architect XBRL Solutions, Amana Consulting
  • Best practice ESEF mapping with the Amana XBRL Tagger – Nina Schüller, XBRL Consultant, Amana Consulting
  • How to reuse the ESEF tags for the UKSEF – Janis Steinmann, Lead Architect XBRL Solutions, Amana Consulting


The webinar starts at 12.30pm GMT on 24 June, 2021. If the stream doesn’t start at the correct time, please reload the page and try again.

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