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CtrlPrint ESEF Reporting

Disclaimer: Please note that these videos were recorded between 2019 and 2021 and some parts of the content may be outdated. For example the CtrlPrint visual identity has changed, the tagger might look slightly different and there might have been updates to the regulation. For up to date content please see the recordings from our ESEF trainings. You can find them here:


Mapping - Get started

Learn how to choose tags and create extensions

Calculations and sign

Learn how to add calculations and more.


Learn how to understand the different validation messages

Rolling forward

Learn how to move tags from one report to another.

Changes in Equity

Learn how to tag changes in equity, add members and more.

Text tagging

Learn how to apply text tags in your report. 

Avoid font issues

Learn how to handle possible font issues in your ESEF report.

Export ESEF report

Learn how to export an ESEF report.

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