Before anything else, preparation is key to success”. In order to make our clients as prepared as possible CtrlPrint hosted a webinar sharing our best tips and experiences from supporting 300 clients with their ESEF reports.

For many of our clients the filing and publishing of their ESEF reports is only weeks away and we all know that this is a hectic and stressful period. The purpose of the webinar was to pave the way for a successful report through discussing the most common problems and questions.

Tips from the discussions

The open source XBRL tool Arelle , that is used by many auditors for second opinion, is also available for Mac-users. For mor information go to Download. Please note that CtrlPrint cannot provide support for these tools.

Some of the topics that we covered during the seminar:

  • Check this in your ESEF report ASAP
  • Adjusting the timetable
  • Rolling forward, labels and calculations
  • How to see the same thing as your auditors
  • Filing and publishing – what goes where and when

We want to thank everyone who attended our ESEF-webinar. You are welcome to watch the recording and download the presentation.