Welcome to CtrlPrint ESEF Learning program

This program is designed to help you navigate the process of creating and finalizing your ESEF report. Our goal is to make this journey as simple and straightforward as possible. Through a combination of text, recordings, and weekly news updates, the program offers a comprehensive and accessible learning experience.

The program is divided into several parts to help you understand and complete the ESEF reporting process. Each week, live ESEF News and Q&A sessions will be hosted by our CtrlPrint XBRL Tagger experts, in collaboration with our Client services, which will be held on Tuesdays from January 17 to March 28 2023. Additionally, there will be written instructions available on our support site that cover different aspects of the ESEF reporting process.

You can read more about the different parts by following the links below:

Note: The ESEF Basic trainings have been renamed since they were recorded, to better reflect the content.

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