For consultants

We work with full-service agencies and individual freelancers, project managers, writers, translators and consolidated accounting consultants. They can access CtrlPrint free of charge, but receive the same service as our reporting clients. If your clients ask questions about InDesign and XBRL or ESEF, we have a solution for that as well.

When we ask consultants why they use us, some of the most common answers are:

The ability to work together and stay in control.

CtrlPrint’s approach makes it much easier to collaborate with clients and other consultants, no matter where they are in the world. It’s also much clearer who does what and what has been done. Quite simply, CtrlPrint makes it easier for everyone to focus on what they do best.

No unclear proofs (that don’t fit the layout). Nothing gets forgotten.

With CtrlPrint, the hard work associated with replacing words and numbers for someone else disappears. So does the responsibility for hard-to-read corrections that don’t fit the layout. As customers make the changes themselves, there will be no discussions about who did what. Or who should have done what.

Better overview of time spent.

Customers work with the texts and numbers on their own and can make as many changes as they want, when they want to. This makes it easier to calculate how much time will be spent on your own delivery in advance. There’ll be fewer late evenings and late nights, guaranteed.

No responsibility for data backup or security.

Your customers’ documents are in safe hands with CtrlPrint. We take responsibility for availability, backup and encryption. Our internal security work is constantly ongoing and is based on a culture where safety is paramount.

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‘Practical solution, lets the customer take part in the work, while you have full control over what happens’.

Multi-year user

‘I often recommend CtrlPrint in customer meetings.’

Multi-year user

‘A great way to collaborate! I’ve recommended it to lots of customers.’

Multi-year user

Try CtrlPrint

Do you have a customer you think CtrlPrint would be suitable for? To allow you to experience how much better your process will be with CtrlPrint, we offer a free trial on a shorter document, such as an interim report.
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So how does it work?

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CtrlPrint and its features.