For reporting companies

Our customers use CtrlPrint for their annual and sustainability reports, interim reports, investor presentations, listing and issue prospectuses and other business-critical documents. Our customers vary in size, business and ownership, but all of them use InDesign and InCopy from Adobe. We also have an ESEF (XHTML and iXBRL) reporting solution that works for InDesign documents.

When we ask our customers why they use us, some of the most common answers are:

The ability to make changes and comment in the latest version. Always.

Without having to do anything, you can always be sure that you are working in the latest version. And it’s impossible for anyone else to work in the same document at the same time. This feature saves a lot of energy that can be used for other purposes.

There is no need to send documents, either internally or externally.

Everyone can access their own parts of a document whenever they want to, they don’t have to wait for anyone else. With the InCopy text tool and our ISO-certified cloud management of master documents and PDFs, everyone involved does the right thing, in the right place, at the right time.

The ability to see who has changed what and when, in the designed PDF.

CtrlPrint tracks changes in both the master document and the formatted PDF. Everybody can see who has done what and when. The markings don’t destroy the design either, everything looks as it should.

Get started quickly and access help when you need it.

Using last year’s InDesign document as a template, you can be up and running within a couple of hours. We assist with the installation and a walkthrough of how to use the tools. In addition, our very knowledgeable support staff are on hand to offer quick help when needed.

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‘We saved so much time with CtrlPrint that we chose to bring forward the publication of our annual report by one full month’.

First time user

‘Thanks to CtrlPrint, we were able to finish our work on the annual report before it was time to start on Q1.’

First time user

‘Easy to use, you always have access to the latest version and can download it as PDF.’

Multi-year user

Try CtrlPrint

To give you a chance to experience how much better your process will be with CtrlPrint, we offer a free trial on a slightly shorter document, such as an interim report.
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So how does it work?

Watch this video for a short introduction to
CtrlPrint and its features.