Get started

Using CtrlPrint is a small change to your workflow, but it makes the process a lot easier. We are with you all the way, from installation to the end of the project.

How do we get started?

Contact one of our account managers so they can create an account for you.

You appoint an internal administrator who will be our main contact person. You also tell us which agency/designer you will work with.

You will receive instructions on how to install Adobe InCopy and our components for all users who will edit. We can manage the contact with IT if you wish.

We schedule a short training for all users.

Your agency/designer prepares the documents and you decide together when the documents will be available in CtrlPrint.

Once the documents have been uploaded to CtrlPrint and you have the necessary rights and installations, you can start working!

What do I need to supply?

One license per user of InCopy CC or InDesign CC.
One InDesign template, for example, the last period’s report.

What do I need to install?:

  • Adobe InDesign or InCopy (an InDesign document is needed to use CtrlPrint)
  • CtrlPrint Transfer Manager (to upload and download the document)
  • Fonts (necessary to see the document displayed correctly)
  • A CtrlPrint username and user permission

We will provide installation assistance and training in how CtrlPrint and InCopy are used.

Easy to get started

Installation and training can usually be completed in 2 hours or less. Using CtrlPrint is a small change that makes a big difference. Our dedicated support team are on hand to help and guide you, or your IT teams, through what to do to get started today.

How CtrlPrint works

The master document is divided into several smaller parts, or chapters, and saved to the cloud platform and to your secure project folder. This makes it possible to divide the responsibility for different sections at the reporting company and to allow several users to work simultaneously on different sections and not have to wait for each other.

Adobe InDesign and InCopy
The document is created and designed in Adobe InDesign. Users who need to make changes to the document text will use the text editor Adobe InCopy. For these users, the document works like a template and there is no risk that anything in the layout can jump around or be destroyed.

User rights to get access
On the cloud platform, each project participant who changes or comments in the documents has a username and is granted rights to the project folder, as well as to one or more sections. The rights are set manually, and no one can access the sensitive information automatically.

Simple version handling
To edit the documents, a user logs into CtrlPrint using a web browser and then selects one or more sections for either editing or reviewing the pdf. A document being edited is checked out, which means that no one else can edit that document in the meantime. It’s possible for earlier versions of a checked out document to be accessed, but those versions cannot be saved back to the platform after they have been downloaded. This is to ensure a new version is not overwritten by an older version.

Pdfs are always available
For each version of the document that is saved back to the platform, both a new document and new pdfs are stored together. Documents and pdfs are created by each user’s computer and encrypted before being saved to the cloud platform.

Industry leading tools
Adobe InCopy is very powerful and easy to use. All of the features found in other text editors are available here, such as find/replace and spell check. Designers work in InDesign as normal, with the only difference being that the documents are divided into several chapters and stored on the cloud platform.

Add comments
With CtrlPrint’s comment solution, you can easily communicate with project members about things that need changing. The comments can be read in both InDesign and InCopy and can be easily managed from there.

Do you have any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us.