Activate CtrlPrint Review FREE from Christmas to the end of January 2023

Are you dreading the coming annual report review rounds? The never-ending story of PDFs with sticky notes, e-mails and people commenting in the wrong version. Do you want to try something new this time?

Activate CtrlPrint Review and try for free until the end of January.

Want to learn more about CtrlPrint Review?


How to proceed

Please follow the instructions on this page in order to activate the feature.

After activating the feature you will need to create user accounts for the persons involved in the review process.


Terms & conditions

  • This offer is only valid for customers that have not yet activated CtrlPrint Review.
  • The free testing period ends on January 31 2023.
  • The offer includes creating new users for reviewing.
  • If the tool does not match your expectations please contact before the end of the period to deactivate.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact