– Quality control’s new best friend

No more loose notes, emails, text messages and notes with comments and changes. With CtrlPrint Review you can discuss, comment and manage comments in one place, and in real time. In order to further ease the review process we have added some additional features to the solution.

CtrlPrint Review has been redesigned to match the rest of CtrlPrint in terms of appearance and feel. The new design also includes more flexible filtering options, allowing you to quickly find comments that are new, done, or in progress, as well as any specific comment authors you may be looking for. In addition, we have added some more features that will help you in your review process.

Send and receive notifications

You can now mention users in CtrlPrint Review. Mentioning a user is a great way to alert someone about a comment or reply you have made. You can @mention people that are involved in your project and they will receive a notification about the mention via email.

When you are @mentioned in Review, the link in the notification email will take you directly to CtrlPrint Review rather than CtrlPrint.

How to mention a person?

  1. To activate the mention functionality, type the @ symbol or click the @ icon in the bottom right corner of the text editor.
  2. Using the mouse or your keyboard, select the person you wish to mention from the list. By typing after the @ symbol you can filter within the list of people available to mention.
  3. When a person is @mentioned, a label appears around their name to indicate the mention.
  4. The person will be notified via Email when you post your comment or reply.

Time travelling in CtrlPrint Review

You can now view review comments in the chapter version where they were first created or last updated. This is helpful if the layout or contents of a document has changed and the position of a comment no longer reflects what it was originally about, or if you simply want to see what the chapter looked like in the version the comment was created.

How to view a comment in its original chapter version?

If a comment was created in an earlier version of the chapter an icon next to the status dropdown will appear, additionally there is also an option in the context menu. If the comment was made in the version of the chapter you are currently on, the option to view in version is not there.

  1. Click the View in version button or select View in version from the comment’s context menu.
  2. The version where the comment was created will be loaded in a new browser window.
  3. This window is read-only, which means you can’t make changes to the comments in it, to make modifications or new comments please use the latest version that you already have open in Review.
  4. If you click to view another comment in its original version the read-only window will reload to that chapter version.

Easier zooming in Review

Using the zoom in Review has become easier than before. You are now able to zoom in and out of the document in Review by holding down Ctrl on Windows or ⌘ Cmd on Mac together with pressing + or – on your keyboard. You may alternatively use the scroll wheel together with Ctrl / ⌘ Cmd or pinch-to-zoom on your trackpad if you prefer. Use Ctrl + 0 on Windows or ⌘ Cmd + 0 on Mac to quickly reset the document zoom to 100 percent.