New ESEF tutorials

We have now uploaded more tutorials regarding ESEF reporting. Click on the video you are interested in and you will be redirected to the tutorials.


Get started with mapping – Workflow suggestion: 
Get started with mapping by auto tagging all your tables and use the Excel mapping report together with the Tagger to make adjustments to the suggestions and apply correct tags.

Searching for tags using IAS-IFRS references:
Learn how to use references to IAS or IFRS to search in the base taxonomy for the best available tags.

Hierarchy tagging, Other Comprehensive Income (also for tagging footnotes):
If you have one Statement of Comprehensive Income instead of an Income Statement and a separate Statement of Other Comprehensive Income, you need to use something called hierarchy tagging to fullfil the ESEF requirements. In this video we’ll show you how this is done. This is also how you tag figures in footnotes.

Mapping report review
This video shows you how to export an Excel mapping report with all cells and tags. We will also show you how to review and understand the content. 

Changes in equity

Tag changes in equity:
Learn how to tag the changes in equity table. This video was updated on October 27 2020.

Report restatements or corrections in Changes in equity:
Learn how to report restatements or corrections in Changes in equity by using member tags.

Move tags

Move tags from one report to another:
How to move tags from an English report to a report in another language

Export ESEF report

ESEF taxonomy package settings:
Learn about how to change your ESEF taxonomy settings.