CtrlPrint Review

– Quality control’s new best friend

Annual, sustainability, and interim reports are all content-rich documents with a mixture of both narrative and statutory purposes. And since its stakeholders often have a high potential influence on the reporting organisation, the reports are scrutinised and reviewed in minute detail. To add more complexity to the process preparers and reviewers of the reports are commonly in different locations or even different time zones.

Traditional methods

Due to this and a shortage of fit-to-purpose reviewing solutions, the commenting/reviewing process is handled in a multitude of ways. The process is known to involve everything from PDFs with sticky notes, e-mails, phone calls, print-outs, text messages, physical sticky notes on desks and even photos of a printed copy of a document with hand-written amends (true story)!

These various methods of commenting and the challenge to keep track of them, can easily lead to unnecessary errors in the reports and a far from healthy working environment for those involved.

Introducing CtrlPrint Review

To try to help our clients and their partners increase the efficiency of the quality assurance, by improved control of the reviewing process, we now introduce our first commercial version of CtrlPrint Review. A solution that adds transparency, structure and security to the commenting process. During the webinar we introduced you to the most useful features and showed how you make the most of it.

Some of the Review features:

  • Keep all comments in one place – no more searching for comments in inboxes, chat histories or notes
  • See all comments added by other users and add your response – no more commenting slightly different opinions to the same content
  • Comment on anything; layout, text, images, graphs and other – notes can be added anywhere on a page 
  • Comments that have been added can’t be deleted, only hidden – minimises the risk of losing comments
  • Status settings for progress update – New, In Progress, Solved, Discarded
  • Inform specific (or all) members of the team when you add a comment – emails are sent out automatically
  • Export every comment added to Excel – invaluable for the final check before publishing

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us on info@ctrlprint.net.