As you probably are aware, the ESEF/UKSEF mandate expands for fiscal years starting after January 1st 2022. There are in total 244 mandatory tags to choose from (last year there were 10 mandatory tags), but remember: you only need to tag the disclosures that are present in your report. You don’t need to tag all of them.

  1. If you are filing in a country where there is an assurance mandate, talk to your auditor in advance to sync your preparations with their expectations,
  2. Watch Olive Browne’s presentation from PDC 2022 for a comprehensive presentation on the mandate and general good advice
  3. Watch our XBRL partner AMANA’s webinar on blocktagging from their 2022 User conference. You need to create an account to log in, but it’s absolutely worth the while. The webinar is called “Textblock-Tagging with SmartNotes” and is presented by Vitesco and EY.
  4. Watch Janis Steinmann’s demo of the blocktagging functionalities in the XBRL Tagger
  5. Start mapping as soon as possible using your 2021 report. We recommend you NOT to roll your documents forward for the mapping exercise.

We are working on improving the tagger’s restoring capabilities to allow you to make late changes to the layout of your notes to the financial statements. Currently we aim for a September 2022 release of that functionality.

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