CtrlPrint is a collaboration tool for the creation of financial reports produced using InDesign and InCopy.

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Three Benefits of Using CtrlPrint TrackChanges

CtrlPrint TrackChanges allows you to track and review changes made to a report. Here are three benefits of using CtrlPrint TrackChanges when producing your designed corporate report.

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CtrlPrint allows you to save lots of time and work efficiently with your colleagues and partners. We also have an ESEF reporting solution (XHTML and iXBRL for InDesign documents).

You always work in the correct version

Reliable and predictable version management with automatic check-in of documents when saving a new version. Each version is a new document, so there is no risk of overwriting previous versions.

No need to send documents

Share the work between users instead of sending files back and forth. No more waiting for someone else to finish with your work. With CtrlPrint you can easily see who is accessing which documents so that everyone can focus on their own part.

Track everyone’s changes

See who has made what changes to texts and tables, as well as any removed text. The changes are displayed in both the document and the PDF. You can filter and sort the changes by date and user in the document.

New PDF immediately

With CtrlPrint you can always download a PDF of the latest version of the document. You can do this whenever and wherever you want to, without needing to install any software. The PDFs are available with and without tracked changes.

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To give you a chance to experience how much better your process will actually be with CtrlPrint, we offer a free trial on a shorter document, such as an interim report.
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Easy to get started

It only takes a couple of hours to get started on working with your document. This includes installation and training time. Starting to work with CtrlPrint is the small change that makes a big difference. We are on hand to help and guide you or your technician through what to do.

Friendly support team

  • Support for users and IT is included
  • Training is included
  • Guides and manuals available online
  • Contact us by phone or email

ESEF for InDesign

From 2020, companies with securities listed on a regulated market within the EU will have to submit their annual report digitally according to the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) standard. CtrlPrint allows you to integrate tagging into your usual process based on InDesign.
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Your documents are in good hands

Our customers trust us with some of their most important documents. Because of this, information security is something we prioritise very highly and that permeates everything we do.