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When producing corporate reports, multiple stakeholders will need to review and edit the documents before they’re finalised. This can lead to confusion and errors, that’s where CtrlPrint TrackChanges comes in.

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Why CtrlPrint TrackChanges

Three Benefits of Using CtrlPrint TrackChanges

Discover how this powerful feature streamlines editing, ensures accuracy, and simplifies collaboration for your designed corporate reports. Watch our video now and unlock three game-changing benefits!

Key features

See who has made changes to texts and tables, where and when

One of the most significant benefits of using CtrlPrint TrackChanges is that you can see exactly who has made changes to the document, and when and where those changes were made. With this information, you can keep control over the changes and ensure that your final report is accurate and consistent.

Key features

Use filters to view changes between versions and by a specific user

CtrlPrint TrackChanges makes it easy to compare different versions of the document and view changes made by specific users. This feature is especially useful when sending the report to for example the board of directors or the auditors. You can use a date filter to show them what’s changed since they reviewed the document.

Key features

Download a PDF with TrackChanges

CtrlPrint TrackChanges allows you to download a PDF version of the document that includes all of the tracked changes. This feature is useful if you need to share the report with stakeholders who may not have access to CtrlPrint, or when proofreading the text.

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