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CtrlPrint for corporate reporting and branding specialists

Whether you work with global corporations, mid-caps or small-caps, start-ups or charities, CtrlPrint will facilitate collaboration with your clients enabling you to focus on what you do best – building and communicating their reputation and brand, still in InDesign.

Communication & Design

How can CtrlPrint help your clients?

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CtrlPrint, the industry standard within corporate reporting

More than 300 communication and design experts around the world use our platform, from full-service agencies, communication advisors, freelance designers and project managers, to copywriters and translators. Over the years, we have gathered knowledge and best practices for processes, project planning, and the production of corporate reports.

Key features

Future-proof your value

CtrlPrint puts the client in control of their data, content providing as well as of their review process, allowing you to focus on the real value add - to deliver strategic and creative communication. The client will get what they contracted you for – and you will have more fun providing it!

Key features

Break down silos – Collaborate

Work on a platform that facilitates a close collaboration between you and your client. By using CtrlPrint in your process you will be able to develop and establish one common, efficient, and streamlined workflow for the entire team.

Key features

Stay in control

Get an overview and control of the project's development using CtrlPrint's permission management and version handling. You can ensure that the right people work in the right document.

Key features

Transform your review process

No more loose notes, emails, text messages and notes with comments and changes. CtrlPrint Review allows multiple people to comment on content or design within the platform and it keeps everything organised.

The user-friendly design has made collaborating with our design agency to edit the content of our annual report smoother and much more efficient.”

Francesca Harris, Head of Communications, Assura plc

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