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Stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability reporting. Choose CtrlPrint as your trusted platform to create visually captivating and compliant reports that effectively communicate your company's sustainability initiatives.

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Key features

Collaborative Workflow

Simplify the report creation process with a user-friendly interface that enables seamless collaboration among multiple contributors. From controllers to sustainability experts, everyone can easily contribute their insights and updates, streamlining the production timeline.

Key features

Easy commenting

The sustainability report has a lot of different internal stakeholders at different levels of the company. Using CtrlPrint’s Review functionality, you can discuss, comment and manage comments in one place, and in real-time if you wish

Key features

Ready for CSRD tagging

Use the same XBRL tagging tool for financial and sustainability reporting, allowing two taxonomies in the same report. When the new legal requirements for CSRD-reporting comes into play (2024), CtrlPrint will be a one stop shop for designed, communicative, regulatory and compliant reports including the official taxonomies (ESEF and CSRD).

Key features

Tell engaging stories

With CtrlPrint you have the full layout freedom of InDesign, enabling you to tell complex stories of carbon footprint, stakeholder value models, etc. Work on your narrative, data, and layout within one single platform.

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