Integrated reporting

Unleash your creativity without compromising data integrity

Streamline your reporting workflow today with CtrlPrint Integrate. Our new solution allows you to combine your current data process with your editorial process, enabling you to continue to work with your data just like you're used to and, at the same time, benefit from the full design capabilities of InDesign via our platform.

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CtrlPrint, the industry standard within corporate reporting

More than 300 communication and design experts around the world use our platform, from full-service agencies, communication advisors, freelance designers and project managers, to copywriters and translators. Over the years, we have gathered knowledge and best practices for processes, project planning, and the production of corporate reports.

Why CtrlPrint Integrate

Three benefits of using CtrlPrint Integrate

CtrlPrint Integrate seamlessly bridges your systems, syncing data tables to your reports effortlessly. Say goodbye to double work – activate CtrlPrint Integrate now for a unified process.

Key features

Keep the freedom to create a visually stunning layout

allowing you to tell engaging stories about your complex business activities.

Key features

Create one unified work process

without any large implementations, you are able to create one unified work process for your corporate report - from data gathering to the designed report.

Key features

Ensure that data integrity is kept throughout the project life cycle

benefit from the platform's version control, ensuring you always work in the latest file. No more worries about inconsistencies or errors creeping in during the process. Your data will remain accurate and dependable from start to finish.

Key features

No implementation project needed

For the first time, you can now extend the secure environment you rely on for your annual reports, to you usual data systems, that means no large installments. You can continue to work in your usual systems.

How CtrlPrint Integrate works

CtrlPrint Integrate enables you to securely add your Excel data sources to CtrlPrint and establish a seamless connection with your CtrlPrint documents. You can continue to use your existing financial and sustainability systems, using Excel as your trusted tool for structuring and formatting the data for external reporting.

1. Collect and consolidate the data in your regular systems.

2. Structure and format the data in Excel.

3. Design, communicate and publish your report in CtrlPrint.

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