Our solutions

Preparing financial reports that communicate a clear message requires many different skill sets and a lot of time. Based on InDesign, our solution connects all participants and allow them to collaborate with much freedom, control and security.

Secure data processing – without using VPN.

All communications to and from the cloud platform are encrypted and the documents remain encrypted when they are stored. No VPN is needed. You can find more information about our security work in the Security section.

Edit offline – wherever you are.

With CtrlPrint you don’t need to be online to edit. You only need a connection to check a document in or out. When the document is open in Adobe InDesign or InCopy, you can work without interruptions, for example when travelling.

Two-step verification.

This provides an extra layer of security when accessing documents. Two-step verification requires both login credentials and access to an authenticated smartphone. Our two-step verification is app-based, which is the safest option.


Version management

Check-in and check-out documents easily and reliably. Clear information on which user has checked a document out and how long they have had it for. System message when the document is available. Version management occurs at document level, not just at text level.

Track Changes

Changes to text and numbers are tracked and marked with the user, date and time. The changes are shown in both the master document and the PDF. There are filters to display changes within a specific date range or for a particular user. Accept/ignore function.

Changes between versions

Using the Track Changes filter feature, changes between versions can easily be displayed. You can set different time intervals for different reviewers, such as the Board, auditors, and the management team, so they only need to see the changes that are new to them.

Various document formats

PDFs for all your needs

Available to download from CtrlPrint directly. Whole document or a specific section. It’s easy to add different PDFs, for example with or without tracked changes, suggestions, dates and times or different solutions.

ESEF – European Single Electronic Format

CtrlPrint ESEF Tagger is used to create ESEF reports (XHTML with Inline XBRL) for annual reports created with Adobe InDesign. Our solution delivers a complete ESEF report with both parts that describe the business and the financial reports. Find more information here.

Rich text format – RTF

Export formatted texts in read order from the InDesign document. The file can be opened by, for example, Microsoft Word. This works for both InCopy and InDesign.

Automate your workflow

By default, it is possible to link Microsoft Excel to InDesign. This is not a specific CtrlPrint functionality, but we contribute our knowledge on how the work can be organised. Works only with InDesign (not InCopy).

Organise comments

CtrlPrint Review (beta)

No more loose notes, emails, text messages and notes with comments and changes. CtrlPrint Review allows multiple people to comment on content or design and CtrlPrint helps to keep everything organised. The comments are displayed in both InDesign and InCopy.

Try CtrlPrint

Do you have a customer you think CtrlPrint would be suitable for? To allow you to experience how much better your process will be with CtrlPrint, we offer a free trial on a shorter document, such as an interim report. 
Contact one of our account managers for more information.

So how does it work?

Watch this video for a short introduction to
CtrlPrint and its features.