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The perfect reporting year from an agency perspective

Since 2016, CtrlPrint has conducted regular surveys of our users to gather and share insights and knowledge from business reporting professionals. In this survey, we try to understand what happens between the start of the project and publication. One of the key findings is that the reporting process is increasingly a rolling annual cycle, rather than a project with a clear start and end.

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CF Report's perspective on the reporting year

We asked one of our partner agencies, CF Report, to reflect on how they see the changes in the reporting year, and what the perfect year would look like for them.

According to our survey, work on annual and sustainability reports is increasingly spread out over the year. Our clients are starting earlier, some even in the summer. Is this something you observe with your clients too?

This is a really big phenomenon. The reason is that reporting is becoming more complex and companies want to make sure that they understand the requirements and that they are prepared. Discussions on how to structure reporting are on the board agenda. More thought is needed. Design implications need to be visualised at an earlier stage. Linking information is an issue.

And... 'ticking the box' is OK, but how do you create a truly communicative impact report? This includes a new digital reporting perspective. Impact and added value (value creation, value chain) and data (targets and performance) will become even more important.

From an agency perspective, what would the perfect reporting year look like?

Start as early as possible and make sure the structure of the report is clear, the creative concept and digital reporting framework are approved by the client and there are clear milestones in the planning.

Do you think the upcoming changes in sustainability reporting will change the project plan for the reports?

Digital impact reporting will be the next reporting challenge for companies. What are the company's impacts on the climate (do good, do no harm, action required) and in its value chain. Digital CSRD frameworks will need to make this clear. The company's purpose (purpose reporting) will be under the microscope, how does that purpose relate to its impacts. CSRD. ESG, ESRS and GRI will influence the structure of reporting.

Linking information will be 'king'. Ultimately, it is about making the impact of companies visible and communicable. Digital reporting, combining data (targets, performance) and storytelling (video, animation, interviews) will be the answer to this challenge. The design of digital reporting can be of even greater value to companies: design will make the difference!

Pieter J.A. Koenders Managing Director

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