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Three benefits of using CtrlPrint Integrate

CtrlPrint Integrate seamlessly bridges your systems and effortlessly synchronises data sources with your reports. Maintain data integrity with version control and simplify your workflow from data collection to final report. Say goodbye to double work – activate CtrlPrint Integrate now for a unified process.

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Unlock seamless integration between your existing systems and design workflow

Easily synchronise and update data from your sources into your report, eliminate duplication of work, and ensure accuracy with a streamlined process. Maintain data integrity throughout the project lifecycle with version control and easy rollback options. Experience a unified workflow from data collection to the final designed report without the need for complex implementation projects. Enhance your workflow with CtrlPrint Integrate today.

Here's three benefits of using CtrlPrint Integrate

Continue to work in your existing systems without losing any freedom

Integrate enables you to easily connect tables from your data sources to your report. When you upload a new version of the source file to CtrlPrint, your tables can be seamlessly updated.
You no longer need to duplicate work to maintain alignment between the source file and the data in your designed report. Simply check and update the source file - all in one streamlined process.
Integrate also makes it possible to seamlessly insert figures into the body text of your report, ensuring synchronisation even with last-minute changes to key figures. It enables you to insert text, defined as named ranges of single cells from your data source, directly into InDesign or InCopy.

Ensure that data integrity is kept throughout the project life cycle

Rely on CtrlPrint's version control to ensure you are always working with the latest data source. As the owner of the data source, or as a user with editor permissions, you can upload a new version of your data source, ensuring the accuracy of the data in your report. Integrate also provides the flexibility to revert to older versions of the data source if required.

Create one unified work process

Eliminate the need for large implementation projects and seamlessly create a unified reporting process - from managing your data to the final designed report.

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