Welcome to tomorrow’s CtrlPrint ESEF – Weekly news and Q&A

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday 14th of March, when our expert team will be hosting our final session of live ESEF – Weekly news and Q&A, where you can get answers to your questions in real-time. We’ll also be sharing valuable insights and best practices.

This week’s important topics are:

  • Hidden Data (Using setting options first)
  • How to use CtrlPrint Articles to answer common questions
  • What the support widget tells us
  • Questions and answers

After careful consideration we have decided that this session will be the last one for this reporting season. We have now covered all the requested topics, and want to focus on making sure you as our client get the most efficient support possible during the final stages of your reporting journey.

You find all recordings of previous sessions on our website for you to watch and re-watch.

Don’t miss out on our final ESEF News session (for this reporting season) and opportunity to ask your questions.

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