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We want you to have the best learning experience possible. Therefore, we've created this Trail Guide. Answer a few short questions, and get a recommendation based on your needs. Learning – Designed by you.

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About the CtrlPrint Learning Hub

In this tutorial, we will give you an overview of the Learning Hub. We will also show you how you can use the Trail Guide to best decide which of our trails is most suitable for you.

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After submitting your answers, you will receive a recommendation for learning trails. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email with links to the suggested trails, if you want to revisit them later on, so please ensure that you enter a valid email address.

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Learning Hub components

What would you like to learn more about today?

Onboarding Trail

  • What is CtrlPrint?
  • User Types
  • Installation information

Platform Trail

  • Platform overview
  • Edit content with Adobe InCopy
  • Additional features such as TrackChanges, Review, WordExport

ESEF Trail

  • XBRL tagging
  • Validations
  • Export ESEF Report

Agency Trail

  • Workflow suggestions
  • Set up documents for CtrlPrint
  • Additional features such as TrackChanges, Review

Agency ESEF Trail

  • Workflow suggestions
  • Set up documents for ESEF in CtrlPrint

Admin Trail

  • Setting up new projects
  • User management


Our quizzes serve as a final check after completing a trail. They help you ensure that you've learned all the necessary steps. They are also valuable for returning users to identify areas where additional learning is needed. You’ll find them on each trail page.

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