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How the CtrlPrint platform works

From the beginning, we have worked to increase the flexibility, security, and transparency of corporate reporting projects. Together with our customers, we have developed solutions for the challenges that arise in complex Adobe InDesign/InCopy projects with many different participants and stakeholders.

CtrlPrint platformCorporate reports

The master document is divided into several smaller parts, or chapters, and saved to the cloud platform and your secure project folder. This makes it possible to divide the responsibility for different sections at the reporting company and to allow several users to work simultaneously on different sections and not have to wait for each other.

Adobe InDesign and InCopy

The document is created and designed in Adobe InDesign. Users who need to make changes to the document text will use the text editor Adobe InCopy. For these users, the document works like a template and there is no risk that anything in the layout can jump around or be destroyed.

User rights to get access

On the cloud platform, each project participant who changes or comments on the documents has a username and is granted rights to the project folder, as well as to one or more sections. The rights are set manually, and no one can access the sensitive information automatically.

Simple version handling

To edit the documents, a user logs into CtrlPrint using a web browser and then selects one or more sections for either editing or reviewing the pdf. A document being edited is checked out, which means that no one else can edit that document in the meantime. It’s possible for earlier versions of a checked out document to be accessed, but those versions cannot be saved back to the platform after they have been downloaded. This is to ensure a new version is not overwritten by an older version.

Pdfs are always available

For each version of the document that is saved back to the platform, both a new document and new pdfs are stored together. Documents and pdfs are created by each user’s computer and encrypted before being saved to the cloud platform.

Industry-leading tools

Adobe InCopy is very powerful and easy to use. All of the features found in other text editors are available here, such as find/replace and spell check. Designers work in InDesign as normal, with the only difference being that the documents are divided into several chapters and stored on the cloud platform.

Build the optimal solution

You can add components of your choice to build the optimal solution
for your corporate report; among others, CtrlPrint Review and CtrlPrint TrackChanges to organise your change and review process, as well as the CtrlPrint XBRL Tagger to fulfil both today's and tomorrow's regulations with components for tagging according to different taxonomies such as ESEF and CSRD.

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