– and where to find instructions for how to solve them

Preparing an ESEF report is still an unfamiliar process for many companies. The questions our Client Services team receive are often very similar, which indicates that most of you are struggling with the same issues.

In this blog post you will find links to videos and web pages which will help to solve the most frequently asked questions. We also want to invite you to our weekly live ESEF Q&A sessions.

FAQ and where to find help

– How do we handle SignLogic and calculations? 
You can find a video tutorial, with chapters, and a quick guide for SignLogic here. If you follow the steps described in the video and in the SignLogic Quick Guide, your results will be correct.

– I have some validation errors, what do they mean and how do I get rid of them?
There are different types of validation errors, not all of them will affect the validity of your report and do not have to be resolved. For more information about different severity levels see this page.

For a list of all the validation error messages and what they might mean, see this page, and of course we also have a tutorial for this that can be found here.

– We don’t know where to start and how to map our statements.
We’ve recorded a video called ‘Get started with mapping‘ which covers everything from the basics of ESEF to how to map your statements. You can find this video here. You will also find other videos about topics like when and how to create an extension and handling duplicate mapping errors.

– Can I reuse my tags from last year’s report?
Yes, you can move tags from one report to another. You can find a video tutorial here.

– How do I export an ESEF report? 
You can find written instructions here and a video tutorial here.

You can find all our videos here.

Note: CtrlPrint Client Services can assist you with technical questions regarding using the ESEF Tagger as a tool. They cannot tell you what you must tag, how you should tag it or offer advice for how to resolve issues related to how your values are being calculated. For questions of this nature you will need to contact your auditors or an accounting specialist. 

Join our weekly live ESEF Q&A sessions

– a forum to discuss with CtrlPrint and your peers

Have you watched all our videos but still feel unsure about if you are making the right decision or not?

To be able to help as many as possible, and as quickly as possible, we’ve scheduled weekly live ESEF Q&A sessions, where you have the opportunity to ask a question, and also discuss different topics with your peers. We will be there to help guide you in the right direction.

See these sessions as a forum for discussing everything ESEF. The more you ask and engage in other users’ questions, the more everyone will get out of the session. No questions or topics are too small!

How will it work? 

  • When registering for one of the available dates, you have the opportunity to add a question. We encourage you to add at least one for the session to be meaningful.
  • In preparation for these sessions, we will collect as much information as possible before hand and present it during the Q&A. This way everyone can benefit from the answers.
  • We encourage you to ask more questions and also discuss our findings during the session. In some cases there may not be a right or wrong answer, but by discussing it with someone else in the same situation, you might find a way that works for your report.

We reserve the right to end the session early if no questions have been submitted, and if no one shows up 10 minutes after the session has started. 

We hope to see you there!