StartNewsCtrlPrint’s first materiality analysis creates foundation for sustainability strategy
June 29, 2023

CtrlPrint’s first materiality analysis creates foundation for sustainability strategy

Data privacy & security, innovative solutions & customer satisfaction, as well as employee wellbeing, development & inclusion: these are some of the key issues that were identified in our first materiality assessment.

Sustainability Reports

CtrlPrint – on a journey for a sustainable future

We at CtrlPrint have decided to go out on a journey to establish our role in a sustainable future. As a first step, to steer our direction, we asked our stakeholders what they think are the most important areas for them.

The results are an important basis for further sustainability strategy developments; they help us set the right priorities. A major part of the challenge for us as a company is prioritising and focusing our efforts and embedding them in the areas in which we live and breathe. We genuinely believe that it is only then that we can make a real difference.

Key findings from the materiality analysis

In order to filter out the most important sustainability aspects, we conducted surveys with external and internal stakeholders. On the external side, these include customers, suppliers as well as institutions. Internally, they include all colleagues.

Similarly, the UN's global sustainable development goals were mapped, and the goals that CtrlPrint considered to have the greatest potential to influence were identified. CtrlPrint’s management team and board of directors were involved in the process and the choice of focus areas was ultimately made by the management team. The most important areas for the company are listed below.

Data privacy & security

The analysis showed that data security and privacy play a very important role for both internal and external stakeholders. Our customers trust us to handle their most important documents, sometimes even insider information. For this reason, data privacy & security is an integral part of our ethical business approach and essential for a sustainable future for us and our customers.

Innovative solutions & customer satisfaction

CtrlPrint’s vision is to simplify corporate reporting worldwide. In order to achieve this we need to continue to develop as corporate reporting develops. We need to understand the future of corporate reporting and always work closely with our users to understand the difficulties and hurdles – our collaboration platform and services will never save the world but they will make the life of our users easier.

Employee wellbeing, development & inclusion

For CtrlPrint, a sustainable business is only possible if the company attracts people who feel valued and appreciated and can fulfil their potential. We know that CtrlPrint develops when our colleagues thrive and reach new levels in their own personal development.

The first sustainability report planned for 2024

The topics identified in the materiality analysis are not only relevant for the company's sustainability strategy. They also form the basis of our forthcoming sustainability reporting. The publication of the company's first sustainability report is planned for the fiscal year of 2024/2025.

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