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Product Marketing Manager

Do you thrive in a pioneering role? We're seeking a passionate Product Marketing Manager to be the first champion of our product marketing efforts on a global scale.

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Be the voice of our product:

Bridge the Gap Between Customers and Market: Analyze market trends, conduct competitor research, and translate insights into actionable strategies to identify and seize new opportunities.

Lead the Charge on Go-to-Market: Own the product's launch strategy, develop and execute captivating campaigns (product launches, content, etc.), and ensure a seamless introduction to the market.

Champion Our Brand: Define and refine the product's positioning within the company and the market, shaping how the world perceives what we offer.

Empower Your Team: Collaborate closely with product, sales, and customer success to ensure everyone confidently communicates the product's value proposition.

Become a Data-Driven Marketer: Track results, analyze campaign performance, and leverage data to optimize marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Craft Compelling Messages: Develop clear, consistent messaging for the company and product across all channels.

Become a Messaging Master: Educate other departments on the core product messaging, ensuring everyone uses the right language to resonate with the target audience.

Enable Sales: Support sales with the tools and training to effectively sell our product. Provide sales enablement materials to help sales representatives articulate the value proposition and overcome objections.

What we are looking for

You possess a combination of strategic thinking, communication skills, analytical abilities, and creativity to drive the success of our product and contribute to the overall growth of CtrlPrint, but with your words, tell us what you have that makes you the perfect fit for this role and a perfect cultural fit for CtrlPrint.

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CtrlPrint is an international, fast growing SaaS company building the market leading collaboration platform for corporate reporting projects. Our headquarters is located in Stockholm, we have local offices in London, Sydney and Helsinki and support customers globally. We are an inclusive, respectful and inspired company where everyone plays a key part to our success. We are sincere and transparent and always willing to learn and develop to stay competitive, and are a successful company on a strong profitable growth trajectory. Read more about CtrlPrint here.

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