StartSystem and Organisation Controls (SOC)

System and Organisation Controls (SOC)

Having a SOC 1 Type II certification is very important for CtrlPrint, since it helps provide our services securely to our customers when we handle sensitive financial information. This report indicates that CtrlPrint controls are effective and that we can be trusted to handle your data and financial information securely.

Benefits with SOC 1 type II

The SOC 1 Type II report is key when dealing with market sensitive information because it helps protect your report information, complies with regulations, mitigates risk, and demonstrates thorough due diligence.

We can trace who has access, how they gave that access and did it follow our stringent rules in accordance with the Information Security Management System (ISMS).

We are happy to share the open documents that describe our security work. These include White papers, CSA forms, and security architecture. Contact an account manager for more information.

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