StartStreamline your work with CtrlPrint Review – try it for free today!

Streamline your work with CtrlPrint Review – try it for free today!

Welcome to a world where reviewing and proofreading annual and interim reports is easier than ever before. With CtrlPrint Review, an integrated service designed to simplify your reporting work, you take a big step towards more efficient workflows.

What is CtrlPrint Review?

CtrlPrint Review is a collaborative tool that facilitates the review, proofreading and annotation of documents. It allows all parties involved, both internal and external, to actively participate in the process.
Imagine you are working on your annual report. With CtrlPrint Review, a team member can highlight a section that needs to be reviewed and assign it directly to the right person. At the same time, another colleague can leave a comment on a graph that needs updating, which is instantly visible to anyone with access to the document. CtrlPrint Review thereby minimises the risk of misunderstandings and duplicate work.

Or the scenario where you send out a report for proofreading to several different parties. Instead of getting back several different files with scattered comments, CtrlPrint Review collects all these comments in one place.

To get a quick overview of CtrlPrint Review, watch our introductory video above that shows and highlights the three main benefits of the tool.

Benefits of using CtrlPrint Review

  • Gather all comments and proofs in one place: No more scattered emails or documents.
  • Easy delegation and follow-up: Create and distribute tasks easily. Follow up on project members' work in real time, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
  • For everyone: Invite both internal and external people such as the board, translators, auditors and others to ensure a comprehensive perspective on the report.
  • Secure and efficient: You don't have to worry about sharing confidential information via email. You get a notification when someone tags you in a comment.
  • Time-efficient proofing: Work directly in InCopy/InDesign and see comments and delegated tasks at the same time. This makes proofing faster and more efficient.
  • No installations required: Proofing is done directly on the website.

"Happy Client" offer

As part of our "Happy Client" offer, we now offer you the opportunity to try CtrlPrint Review completely risk-free for a project. The offer is valid for all customers who activate Review before January 31, 2024. This is a unique opportunity to experience how our tool can streamline and improve your reporting processes. You only pay if you are satisfied – and choose to continue using the service!

How do you activate the service?

Getting started is easy. Visit our support page for simple step-by-step instructions and explore our 'Getting Started' video for a hands-on demonstration.

Get started with CtrlPrint Review

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Try CtrlPrint Review today and experience a more efficient and secure process for your annual and interim reports!

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