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December 19, 2023

ESEF Highlights – Split-table tagging when switching report layout

We have noticed an increasing trend as companies move from a portrait to a landscape layout for their reports. This change is happening because there is a growing preference to read reports online, and a landscape layout is easier to read on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop rather than a portrait layout.

Rahime Celepli

Rahime Celepli

XBRL Reporting Specialist
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Split-table tagging when switching report layout from portrait to landscape

Switching your annual report layout from portrait to landscape may require some tables having to be split into two. This is commonly seen in the balance sheet. See example below.

So, how do you tag a split-table in the tagger?

Image showing platform

Highlight both parts of the table and apply the abstract, ie. one frame that covers both tables as in the above example.

In the table properties tab set the "Disable Automatic Related Cell Tagging" attribute to “true”.

Once you've tagged your table, you will see the following message in your in-tool validation window: “An adjacent cell has a different tag, please check if this is intended.” This can be considered informational and, as such, can be ignored.

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