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November 7, 2023

ESEF Highlights – Switching your report layout

Following discussions with the auditors for this year, it is clear that they will follow ESMA's expectation and emphasise the importance of ensuring good data quality in the ESEF reports.

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David Boust

Product Manager
ESEFCtrlPrint Highlights

What will your auditors focus on?

The revised guidance 2.2.6 of the ESEF Reporting Manual (Update August 2023) states that ‘information that is contained in tables in the human readable report is meaningfully transcribed in the extracted tagged information.' This implies that if a table is included in a text block tag, a minimum presentation needs to be included. The way this is handled in the CtrlPrint XBRL Tagger is by semantically parsing the tables in the notes. You can follow this link to view a short tutorial on how to do this.

Our advice is to have a conversation with your auditors about what they plan to focus on this season to be proactive.

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David Boust

Product Manager at CtrlPrint


Meet David – CtrlPrint's Regulatory Product Manager

David Boust is one of our Product Managers, with years of experience in XBRL reporting and tagging. He is part of the CtrlPrint expert team who participates and guide you through our ESEF News and Q&A’s.

In an interview, David is sharing his thoughts on what CtrlPrint is doing to prepare for CSRD.

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