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Recording: ESEF News and Q&A 14th of December

The recording from our ESEF News and Q&A 14th of December is now published. Don't forget to sign up for the upcoming sessions and our new ESEF CtrlPrint Highlights!

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ESEF News and Q&A 2023

Our Q&A sessions are hosted by a team from comprising individuals with extensive hands-on ESEF expertise. They will be available to address any queries you may have.

This week's topics:

  • ESEF Insights
  • Latest news
  • Order of the continuations
  • Meaningful text block tags

The CtrlPrint Team – 14th of December

Micaela Abreu Caesar – Head of Training

David Boust - Product Manager

Our next session is 25th of January

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We will not send these updates on a regular basis; instead, we will write when we hear or notice something that we consider important for your reporting project.

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