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October 2, 2023

Start the season right – Check your installations for smooth work

These guidelines will help you optimize your work processes and minimize potential complications during the season.

CtrlPrint platform

There are some things you should do to avoid lost time and problems

Update to v.18 (but keep your older versions) of InCopy/InDesign'

We highly recommend using Adobe InCopy/InDesign 2023 (v.18) this upcoming season. (Note that users can have any version of 18. For example 18.2 and 18.4 are compatible with each other. As long as the version starts with 18 they will work together.) Information about how to install version 18 can be found here: InCopy | InDesign.

In mid-October, Adobe will release a new version of InCopy/InDesign v.19 (2024). At this time they will remove v.17 (2022) from Creative Cloud and we will end support for it. You can continue to use it however we will not be able to assist if you run into any issues. We do not recommend using v.19 (2024) for production this year.

Make sure to turn off Adobe’s auto-update function to avoid having it automatically update to v.19 in October. Important information about this can be found here.

Make sure to keep your current version(s) if you need to open older CtrlPrint documents – files can only be opened in the version they were created with. You can have multiple versions of InCopy/InDesign installed on the same computer. If you need a version not available in Creative Cloud you can contact Adobe’s support who will supply you with an installer.

If you are unsure which version you need to open your files see the page found here.

Make sure to update CtrlPrint Transfer Manager

Please also note that you need the latest version of CtrlPrint Transfer Manager. You can check which version you currently have installed, and update it if needed, by following the instructions on these pages:

Updating Transfer Manager for Windows

Updating Transfer Manager for Mac

InDesign users will need to install our plugins

If you need to add documents to CtrlPrint you will need to install our plugins – this adds the “CtrlPrint” menu to InDesign. They can be downloaded and installed here.

Don’t forget your fonts

Correct fonts are imperative for a smooth process, especially if you’re submitting an ESEF report.

Missing fonts can cause issues with textblock tags and will change the appearance of documents. Ensure all users with Adobe InCopy/InDesign have the same fonts installed before the project gets going. Read more about missing fonts here.

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