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October 12, 2023

Staying relevant as a Designer in an increasingly regulated corporate environment

In today's ever-evolving landscape, industries across the board are, and need to be receptive to change. Professions transform over time, and the possibility of paradigm shifts that could potentially lead to redundancy always looms. In such a dynamic environment, designers must also adapt and find new ways to stay relevant.

Björn Eckert

Björn Eckert

Head of Sales Denmark & Norway
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Designing for compliance and creativity

If you're a brand designer, consultant, or creator in the corporate and sustainability reporting arena, you might be facing the impact of increased regulations on your work. These regulations not only dictate what corporate reports must contain, but also extend their influence on how these reports should look. So, where does this leave you? Are you prepared to let compliance be prioritised over design, or are you ready to fight for the balance?

Navigating the compliance vs. design conundrum

Finance and accounting teams are increasingly consumed by compliance issues during the reporting season. From ESEF tagging to upcoming CSRD tagging (sustainability), managing data in consolidation systems and data management tools occupies much of their focus. While these tasks are crucial, they may seem far removed from the creative and communicative aspects of corporate reporting.

However, it's vital to remember that the compliance-driven aspects of corporate reporting should not overshadow the importance of effective communication and messaging. As designers, you can emphasise these communicative elements in your interactions with clients and prospects to safeguard the value of your work.

Empowering Designers with the Right Tools

As consolidation systems take up more space in the reporting process, your space may decrease. So, what's the solution?

  • Invest in a robust tool for reporting that allows you to work seamlessly with both content and form, making you more appealing to current and future clients.
  • Establish an efficient, standardised process for your design and project teams allowing the content providers to be engaged in the review process.
  • Implement a system that puts the client in control of their data. Giving you more time to focus on relevant tasks within each project, such as messaging, packaging, and communication, rather than countless minor content revisions. Adding long-term value to your clients.

A fully compliant, secure design & collaboration platform – still in InDesign

We understand the challenges you face in the ever-regulated corporate environment and we will be by your side every step of the way as you stay relevant, safeguarding your creativity and business. Plus, you can have more fun in the process! Remember that CtrlPrint's services are free for designers and communicators, offering substantial value to around 1,000 current clients' reporting processes. CtrlPrint can help to safeguard your business in order to stay relevant and keep providing value to the client in an ever-changing, regulated environment.

How can you as a designer stay relevant and safeguard your creativity?

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