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March 21, 2023

The beauty of CtrlPrint Review lies within its simplicity

For many listed companies (those with a December Y/E) they are now reaching their corporate crescendo as they begin to complete and file their annual reports for 2022.

David Porthouse

Account Manager UK
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For those unaware, for listed PLC’s it’s a frenetic time with all hands to the pump in all departments at group HQ and beyond – investor relations, group finance, group secretariat, group communications and ESG teams all contributing to the completion of their flagship document.

Also factor in external services – design consultants – creatives, production, project management and client services… and not forgetting copywriters, auditors, legal, translators and printers. The result is a boiling cauldron of contributors all chipping in to ultimately get the annual report signed off.

An insightful time at CtrlPrint

At CtrlPrint it has been an insightful time as we measure how our clients use the various tools at their disposal to get these substantial documents out the door. We have been particularly impressed with the take-up of CtrlPrint Review, which we launched 15 months ago.

Like all clever technologies the beauty of CtrlPrint Review lies within its simplicity. Senior team leaders, which in the latter stages can often include C-suite/Board level members, can scrutinise, highlight, comment and request changes and tweaks at speed as their deadline approaches, whilst also ensuring nothing is lost. Their team can then securely action these requests immediately in real time and typically across multiple locations!

No more late night stress

The sheer number of these comments and requests can be mind-boggling especially as they approach the home straight. It is here that CtrlPrint Review comes into its own, preventing dreaded information overload and data bottlenecks and not to mention late nights and stress!

All of the above, along with a whole host of other functionality is why CtrlPrint has become the leading collaboration platform for corporate reports… I mean, why wouldn’t you want to use us?

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