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Why the PDF remains the go-to choice for global capital markets

In the age of digital transformation, the traditional PDF annual and sustainability report may seem like a relic of the past. However, it's crucial to recognise that the reports are not just about numbers; they are valuable marketing and brand building tools. For this reason, using InDesign as the foundation to create a PDF is still the most stable and flexible approach to achieve this.

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The unwavering role of PDFs in the age of digital transformation

The annual and sustainability report remains a unique repository of comprehensive corporate information. It provides stakeholders with a holistic view of the entire organisation, going beyond mere financial figures. For analysts and investors, understanding the business model, long-term goals and sustainability risks are as vital as interpreting the financial data.

Tools such as InDesign and PDF format make it easier to contextualise financial and sustainability data within the report, providing a richer understanding of the numbers. In addition, PDFs preserve the formatting and layout of a document across different devices and platforms. This consistency is particularly important for materials such as financial reports, where it’s vital that everyone receives the same message.

The widespread compatibility of PDF makes it a preferred tool for a global capital market. PDFs can be opened and printed on almost any device or operating system without the need for special software. This makes them accessible to a wide audience, which is essential when distributing materials to a diverse group of people.

Digital-first approach

While the digital-first approach gains traction, the PDF annual and sustainability report is far from obsolete. It continues to play a vital role in telling a company's story, and for many it remains the format of choice for comprehensive reporting. Transitioning to new reporting standards takes time, and robust systems to replace PDF reports aren't readily available.

According to the survey ‘The making of a sustainability report’, most companies have no immediate plans to overhaul their reporting methods. As the landscape for annual reporting and information gathering evolves, the PDF remains a dominant choice.

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