StartTrail Guide Result: Platform and Admin

Trail Guide Result: Platform and Admin

Thank you for using our trail guide!

You don't have to view all the tutorials at once. Watch them as you perform different tasks. This way, you will learn efficiently and make the most of your time.

Since you have used the CtrlPrint platform previously you may want to explore parts of the service you want to learn more about. You can for example dive deeper into how you can use CtrlPrint Review and TrackChanges to enhance your workflow.

These tutorials can be found on the Platform Trail together with the following:

  • How to log in
  • Platform overview
  • How to edit content with Adobe InCopy
  • How to edit tables with Adobe InCopy
  • How to use CtrlPrint TrackChanges
  • How to access PDFs
  • CtrlPrint Review

To learn more about being an administrator in CtrlPrint you can visit the Admin Trail where we cover these topics:

  • How to log in as administrator
  • Admin overview
  • User Management
  • How to create or duplicate a project
  • How to upload the first chapter version from InDesign
  • Manage Administrators

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