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November 3, 2023

Your CtrlPrint learning journey starts here

For eight years, I’ve been teaching customers how to use CtrlPrint, both through in-person and online training sessions. However, I've learned that the traditional approach sometimes leaves gaps in your knowledge. You might sign up for a session in October but not start using CtrlPrint until December, resulting in the loss of valuable knowledge. How can we ensure you get the information you need, when you need it?

Micaela Abreu Caesar

Micaela Abreu Caesar

Head of Training

Bridging Knowledge Gaps

The solution to this challenge is our new Learning Hub. It's a product of your feedback, with videos being a highly valued tool, and we've added some new, fun features like the Trail Quizzes. With our Learning Hub, you can access training material at your convenience.

Learning Hub components

Trail Guide

If you're unsure where to start on this entirely new platform, we've got you covered. We've launched the Trail Guide, a tool to point you in the right direction. By answering a few simple questions, you'll receive recommendations on which trails to focus on.

What's Inside Our Trails?

Onboarding Trail

  • What is CtrlPrint?
  • User Types
  • Installation information

Platform Trail

  • Platform overview
  • Edit content with Adobe InCopy
  • Additional features such as TrackChanges, Review, WordExport

ESEF Trail

  • XBRL tagging
  • Validations
  • Export ESEF Report

Agency Trail

  • Workflow suggestions
  • Set up documents for CtrlPrint
  • Additional features such as TrackChanges, Review

Agency ESEF Trail

  • Workflow suggestions
  • Set up documents for ESEF in CtrlPrint

Admin Trail

  • Setting up new projects
  • User management


Our quizzes serve as a final check after completing a trail. They help you ensure that you've learned all the necessary steps. They are also valuable for returning users to identify areas where additional learning is needed. You’ll find them on each trail page.


CtrlPrint Quick Start

Still unsure of how to navigate on the Learning Hub? Join us for a 30 minute Quick Start webinar where you also have the opportunity to ask questions. Register here

ESEF News and Q&A

Our team, with extensive hands-on ESEF experience, will bring you up to speed with the most recent developments and changes in ESEF reporting regulations and the CtrlPrint XBRL Tagger. Register here

ESEF Newsletter

This newsletter complements our ESEF News and Q&A webinars. The idea is that even if you don't have time to join us live for 45 minutes, you will still have the opportunity to receive the most important information. Sign up here

Who am I?

I've been part of the CtrlPrint team for over eight years, starting as a Customer Developer and later becoming an Account Manager. In 2022, I became the Head of Training, a role created to enhance the customer reporting experience. Leveraging my extensive CtrlPrint experience, I'm dedicated to making your learning experience with us enjoyable, efficient, and valuable.

Thank you for being part of our CtrlPrint community. I'm here to support you on your learning journey. If you have any questions or need guidance, please feel free to reach out.

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